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Korean Food Special

Tiger Jib

We do serve some of the popular dishes in Korea. 

Soondubu Tofu Soup Photo (JPG).jpg

Sundubu Jjigae
(Soft Tofu Stew w/Rice)

The go-to Korean comfort meal. this soft tofu soup is an extremely well-known dish for its unforgettably, velvety flavor. 

Mixed with soft tofu and special, spicy seasoning, this soup brings an enjoyable an tasty warmth. The soup comes with an egg and rice on the side. 

There are two versions: Seafood Sundubu and

Sundubu Jjigae.  

Korean Fried Chicken Wings (8pcs) with Fries

A Korean street food essential. Crispy, crunchy, and savory all in one dish! 

This is combo version, which pairs the wings with fries.

Also, there only fried chicken wings version too. 

Korean Fried Chicken Photo (JPG).jpg
Korean Fried Chicken Photo (JPG).jpg
Seafood Pancake Photo (JPG).jpg

Seafood Pancake

One of the most popular Korean dishes -- the Korean seafood pancake.

A delicious combination of green onion, seafood, and red poppers!

Veggie Pancake option also available (no seafood)

Korean Fried Chicken Photo (JPG).jpg

(please Pre-order)

One of the most popular Korean dishes -- the Korean Kimbap.

A delicious combination of veggies, fish-cake, Ham, Egg(Base) + Shrimp Tempura or Tuna!


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